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H. Varney G. Sherman

Counsellor H. Varney G. Sherman (July 1989 - Present) is an honor graduate of Cuttington University College (1975), now Cuttington University, the L.A. Grimes Law School of the University of Liberia (1980) and Harvard Law School of Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts (1982). In 2003, Cuttington University conferred on him the honorary LL.D. degree in recognition of his philanthropy, especially his personal financial and material support for higher education in Liberia.

While studying for his LL.B. degree he served as a Junior Labor Counsel & Investigator at the Ministry of Labor, Youth & Sports (1978 and 1979), where he obtained vast knowledge and experience in Liberian labor law and industrial relations, especially collective bargaining negotiations and trade union affairs.

In February 1980, he joined the law firm of Maxwell & Maxwell as an associate, serving both as a consulting attorney and a trial lawyer during the very tumultuous period, which followed the military coup of April 1980.  Though fresh from law school, he single-handedly managed the legal affairs of corporate clients of Maxwell & Maxwell, including major banks (Citibank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Tradevco Bank, BCCI), engineering and construction companies (Vianini Construction Company, Leminkainen OY, Societa Lavori Porto Della Torre Buccimazza Industrial Works); petroleum products distributing companies (Mobil Oil Liberia Inc., BP West Africa (Liberia) Ltd., AGIP Liberia Limited); import/export and general merchandising (Wazni Trading Corporation, CFAO Liberia Limited) and agriculture and forestry companies (Firestone Plantations Company, Cestos Nimba Corporation). 

In 1985, in recognition of his services to Maxwell & Maxwell, Counselor Sherman became the first partner, with Counselor Christian D. Maxwell, of that firm.  He resigned his partnership in June 1989 and established Sherman & Sherman on July 1, 1989, serving as its first Managing Director.  In August, 2001, Counselor Sherman resigned his post as Managing Director and became its Senior Consulting Counsel.

In addition to law practice, Counselor Sherman is a professor at the L.A. Grimes Law School, where, without compensation and as a personal contribution to his alma mater, he teaches corporation law and taxation law. For many years he served as a permanent member of the Board of Examiners to examine attorneys-at-law who applied to become counselors-at-law to practice before the Supreme Court of Liberia.  He served as President of the National Bar Association from 1993 - 1996.  Over the years, he has also served on various Liberian Government commissions such as the Economic and Financial Reform Commission (1989 - 1990); the Tax Reform Commission (1999 - 2000); the Telecommunications Reform Commission (2002); and the Law Reform Commission (2006); He is the Honorary Counsel for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Liberia.

Counsellor Sherman has served on the boards of the following universities in Liberia: Cuttington University, AME Zion University, Stella Maria Polytechnic University and several non-governmental charitable organizations.

Counselor Sherman has been involved in politics, rising to become head of the Liberia Action Party (LAP) and its candidate for President of Liberia during the 2005 elections, which were lost to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of the Unity Party. In 2010, he successfully merged the Liberia Action Party with the Unity Party and was also elected the National Chairman of the new Unity Party. This is a ceremonial position, which is active only during election years, such as 2011.

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