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In addition to the huge collection of law books, legal journals, up-to-date legal briefs and revisions, the firm has developed its own system of support for effective litigation practice and this system has proved very useful. 

This internal support system helps attorneys organize and retrieve documents, share information, make presentations to clients and the courts, organize litigation strategies, review litigation progress and report to clients on status of litigation. 

Our in-house litigation support team works to reduce client costs and to make more effective trial presentations, hearing presentations and mediation presentations.

Special reference should be made to legal materials because one of the consequences of Liberia's civil conflict of the 1990s is the destruction of books, including legal materials. Many law firms, lawyers and libraries don't have a complete stock of law books (statutes and Supreme Court opinions) because these were destroyed during the civil conflict; but Sherman & Sherman has a complete stock of these books and others for effective practice of law in Liberia. 

For the statutes, Sherman & Sherman categorizes them into Pre-1956 Code, 1956 Code, The Revised Code and Revisions and Amendments since 1998. The Pre-1956 Code consists of the Old Blue Book, which is extremely difficult to find; but Sherman & Sherman has one set of Charles Huberich's Political and Legislative History of Liberia, which is a very good source for pre-1956 statutes. 

The 1956 Code (statutes through 1958) consists of four volumes; two sets of which Sherman & Sherman has in its library. The Revised Code (statutes from 1959 to 1979) consists of five volumes, three sets of which Sherman & Sherman has in its library.

Liberia had a military government from 1980 to 1986; which issued series of decrees, compiled by Professor James Teah Tarpeh. Sherman & Sherman has two copies of this compilation. 

Significant legislation were not enacted between 1986 and 1990 when the civil conflict started and between 1990 and 1997 during the civil conflict. But in 1998, some important revisions and amendments were made to various bodies of law; but these are published in handbills. The revisions and amendments which impact the business of Sherman & Sherman clients are the 1999 revision of the banking law, the 1999 revisions of the forestry law, the 2000 revisions of the revenue and finance (tax) law, the 2001 revisions of the natural resources law to provide for a new mineral and mining law, 2002 amendments to the associations (corporation) law, the 2002 amendments to the general business law and the 2002 amendments to the maritime law. Sherman & Sherman has all these revisions and amendments in its library.

A new law of importance is Sherman & Sherman’s clients are the 2010 public procurement and concession law, which succeeded the 2005 public procurement and concession law. This law governs all contracts with the Liberian Government. Another law of significance is the 2002 environment protection and management law and the 2006 revision of the forestry law. Sherman & Sherman has these laws in its library.

The other primary source of Liberian law is opinions of the Supreme Court, which Sherman & Sherman categorizes in order of publication into four parts: Volumes 1 to 27, Volume 28 to 39, Volumes 40 to 41; and Unedited Opinions.

Volumes 1 to 27 cover Supreme Court opinions from 1861 to 1978; but these are not in print and are very difficult to find today because most were destroyed in the wake of the civil conflict. However Sherman & Sherman has three sets of these law books.

Volumes 28-39, which cover Supreme Court opinions from 1979 to 1999, were edited and published by a group of Liberian lawyers under the name, Liberian Law Project (one of whom was Counselor H. Varney G. Sherman), with funds provided by the United States Government, for use by judges and libraries. As a member of the team, Counselor Sherman was entitled to two sets of these law books; both of which are at the firm's library. 

Volumes 40 and 41 cover Supreme Court opinions from 2000 to 2003; and Sherman & Sherman has acquired two sets of these latest books.

For the Unedited Opinions, which are in fly sheets (case-by-case), Sherman & Sherman has collected all these opinions 2004 through 2012, prepared a syllabi for each case, and bounded them by terms of the Supreme Court (March and October), with new page numbers. This makes it easier for lawyers to conduct research using these recent Supreme Court opinions. In fact, this in-house project commenced with the 2000 opinions; and this means that in addition to Volumes 40 and 41, Sherman & Sherman has its own bounded copies of the Supreme Court opinions for those years (2000 to 2003), with syllabi prepared by its own staff. 

A secondary source of Liberian law is American law and English law, as found in authoritative treatises and decisions of appellate courts; General Construction Law allows for American law and English law to be used whenever there is no Liberian statutory or decisional governing an issue. The authoritative treatises most commonly used by the Supreme Court are American Jurisprudence 2d and Corpus Juris Secundum because only these can be found in Liberia. Sherman & Sherman has two sets of these law books.

With such well-stocked library, lawyers throughout Monrovia often go to Sherman & Sherman's library to conduct research. Some times judges do request Sherman & Sherman for law books to be used in conducting their research.

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