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Sherman & ShermanConsidering that Liberia declared itself an independent country back in 1847 (the oldest independent country on the African continent), with a republican form of government consisting of three branches as the United States (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary), it should be expected that Liberia has a mature democracy, a strong and independent Judiciary, and therefore well-organized and well-established law firms. Well the truth of the matter is that most of what is called a law firm in Liberia is a one-man run office with no library, no conference room and very archaic, if any, office equipment. Even where there are two or more lawyers in the office, each lawyer has his own client and runs his own business independent of the others. Sherman & Sherman is one of the few law firms in Liberia established and patterned after law firms in any large Western European or North American city, managed as a business enterprise.

Conceptually, Sherman & Sherman was intended to be a business enterprise in perpetuity; and so it was organized as a corporation by the filing of articles of incorporation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, possessing the characteristics of being separate and distinct from its members, limited liability and perpetual existence. At the time of its incorporation in 1989, Liberian law did not provide for limited liability partnerships or limited liability companies. Sherman & Sherman continues to subscribe to this concept.

To actualize the perpetuity of Sherman & Sherman, it was determined that Sherman & Sherman should invest in acquiring all the materials necessary for an effective law firm; and these include a well-established library of law books (Liberian, American and English), office furniture and modern office equipment (computers, printers, internal telephone system, vehicles, etc.), and a staff of dedicated and committed lawyers and support personnel. These objectives were all accomplished within the first ten years of existence (1989 & 1999).

In 2000, it was determined that it was time for Sherman & Sherman to acquire its own office building. This very important investment was made by Sherman & Sherman through the initial contribution of Counselor H. Varney G. Sherman and his wife, Mrs. Joyce Sherman, of an unfinished residential building, which was remodeled to an office building at the R. Fole Sherman Law Building. Title to the R. Fole Sherman Law Building is vested in Sherman & Sherman and the office building includes a law library, conference room and offices for all the lawyers and support staff of Sherman & Sherman - all of which are air-conditioned in a country where there is no fully functioning public electricity power system. No other law firm has an office building owned by the firm itself; they are all tenants.

To ensure its continuity, it was determined from its inception that Sherman & Sherman would have two categories of staff lawyers – partners (members) and associates (employees). Its founder, Counselor H. Varney G. Sherman, decided that if loyal, dedicated and committed lawyers are given partnership opportunities at Sherman & Sherman, they will be more productive and committed to remaining with the firm. Sherman & Sherman now has three partners (members) and eight associates (employees); but it is structured for a maximum of five partners (members). The current partners are Counselor H. Varney G. Sherman (the founder), Counselor G. Moses Paegar (the current Managing Director) and Counselor J. Johnny Momoh (the senior counsel). The relationship between these three partners is governed by a Memorandum of Association, which supersedes the articles of incorporation for Sherman & Sherman.

Each of the eight associates (employees) of the firm holds a title with possibility of any of them becoming one of the two additional partners through accession to the Memorandum of Association, and thereby completing the maximum number of five partners.

The firm is also managed as any profitable business enterprise is managed. The managing director is the administrative head of the firm; but he is assisted in policy-making by the other two members (the founder and the senior counsel).

In addition to the firm members and associates, sixteen support staffs covering financial, clerical and general administrative sectors of management are in full-time employment with the firm. More detail information about the support staff can be found by clicking on a link found at the bottom of each page of this website.
Two of the firm clients are its bankers; and these are the International Bank (Liberia) Limited and Global Bank Liberia Limited.

No other law firm in Liberia is so-well structured and organized as Sherman & Sherman. This organization and structure, especially the possibility of attaining the status of partnership of the firm will ensure that Sherman & Sherman continues to be a successful law firm in Liberia, serving the needs of its clients. Of course, the assets acquired by Sherman & Sherman, especially its stock of legal materials and its office building, will ensure that this firm will be a part of the legal community of Liberia forever.


20th Anniversary of Sherman & Sherman 2009

Attorney-Client Relationship 20th Anniversary 2009

Attorney-Client Relationship 20th Anniversary 2011 and Paegar as Managing Director 10th Anniversary 2011

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