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R. Fole Sherman Law Building
17th Street & Chessman Avenue
PO Box 10-3218
1000 Monrovia 10
Sinkor, Monrovia, Liberia

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+231 777-552-946 – Roberta Parker
+231 886-552-946 – Roberta Parker
+231 5-552-946 -      Roberta Parker
+231 886-514-581 -  Samuel Brown
+231 777-514-581 – Samuel Brown
+231 5-514-581 -      Samuel Brown

+ 231 77-059-632

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11803 Backus Drive
Bowie, MD 20720-4464

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+1 301-352-5476 (Phone)
+1 301- 412-4104 (Mobile)
+1 301-352-9657 (Fax)


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Welcome to Sherman & Sherman, Inc.

Sherman & Sherman is a full-service law firm; the experience of its lawyers transcends the entire range of legal services,including litigation (civil and criminal),consultancy (oral and written legal opinions and advice),...

negotiation, arbitration, drafting of agreements and other forms of legal representations. However, for criminal litigation, the firm often times engages the services of outside lawyers to collaborate with it.

The firm itself was established in July, 1989; but its founder, Counselor H. Varney G. Sherman, had by then been a lawyer in private practice for a little more than nine years, primarily for business enterprises. He had also by then become a partner at Maxwell & Maxwell, another law firm, and managed that other law firm for about three years before starting Sherman & Sherman. Sherman & Sherman is a firm of three partners and several associates (minimum of seven at any time since its founding), all of whom obtained their first academic degrees and first law degrees in Liberia. Counselor Sherman himself obtained the LL.M. degree from Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, while Counselor G. Moses Paegar, the Managing Director, obtained the M.Sc. degree in Finance from American University in Washington, D.C., USA. All three partners have extensive experience in civil litigation at the courts, including the Supreme Court of Liberia and all lawyers are encouraged to acquire experience in litigation.

Counselor Sherman's nine-year experience as a lawyer in private practice was invaluable to Sherman & Sherman's success; his practice covered the entire range of legal services for corporate clients in the areas of banking and finance, engineering and construction, import/export and general merchandising, agriculture and forestry, mining and manufacturing. Incidentally, some of the clients he had while at Maxwell & Maxwell retained the services of Sherman & Sherman after it was established.

Sherman & Sherman provides legal services to private (non-governmental) persons, including corporations, international non-governmental organizations and private individuals. A few foreign embassies, notably the US Embassy in Liberia, often engages Sherman & Sherman on an ad hoc basis; the Firm also provides services to the Government of the Netherlands through its embassies in the Ivory Coast and Senegal on matters involving Liberian law.

The firm's services range from management of simple labor disputes between an employer (the firm's client) and its employee over termination benefits to complex corporate and commercial matters, to investment issues (including navigating the bureaucracies for obtaining concession and grants from the Liberian Government), and to lobbying with the National Legislature. The firm also provides legal representation services to all its clients at administrative agencies and the courts, including the Supreme Court, in civil litigation, including matters involving constitutional issues.

As a matter of policy, lawyers of the firm are available to the client every day of the year and every hour of the day. Also as a matter of policy, the client is encouraged to consult with lawyers of the firm on any and all matters of legal implication; whenever the client is in doubt, the client is urged to determine that a matter has legal implication and therefore requires consultation with a Sherman & Sherman lawyer. These consultations may range from spontaneous phone calls, emails or impromptu face-to-face meetings or conferences either at the firm's offices or the client's place of business. Welcome to the largest law firm in Liberia in terms of number of full-time lawyers in its employ and in terms of number of clients on a multi-year retainer. Welcome to the most reputable Liberian law firm in terms of the quality of services to its clients, in terms of successes at civil litigation and other forms of representations at administration agencies, in terms of efficiency as a service provider, and availability of its lawyers to the clients. Welcome to the most prestigious Liberian law firm in terms of management of the legal portfolios of its clients, in terms of facilities for the practice of law (offices, equipment, machines, resource materials, etc.), in terms of respect and recognition from judges, lawyers and the public in general.


20th Anniversary of Sherman & Sherman 2009

Attorney-Client Relationship 20th Anniversary 2009

Attorney-Client Relationship 20th Anniversary 2011 and Paegar as Managing Director 10th Anniversary 2011

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