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Decisions of the Supreme Court

New Supreme Court Decisions From March 2000 Term of the Supreme Court Onwards
The Supreme Court is the court of last resort in Liberia; its decisions are final and binding, not reviewable by any other authority. The Supreme Court is the sole interpreter of the Constitution and subordinate courts and administrative agencies are required to apply its decisions with the full force of law.


Very often the Supreme Court makes decisions which impact the business or activities in which one or more clients of Sherman & Sherman are involved. This page is intended to inform clients of Sherman & Sherman about recent decisions of the Supreme Court which impact their business or activities in order to guard them. The case title and the general areas of the law covered are listed at the left corner of this page and a click on a case title will reveal a summary of the facts and the principles of law.

The cases listed go only as far back as the year 2000; earlier cases can easily be found in one or more of the 39 volumes of the published Liberian Law Reports. And if a client wants advice or opinion on a particular matter, the lawyers at Sherman & Sherman are ready to provide the services.


20th Anniversary of Sherman & Sherman 2009

Attorney-Client Relationship 20th Anniversary 2009

Attorney-Client Relationship 20th Anniversary 2011 and Paegar as Managing Director 10th Anniversary 2011

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