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Attorneys meeting with a local bank President

The firm was organized and established to serve corporate clients; but in addition to corporations, the firm also has as retained clients international non-governmental organizations and individuals. The firm also provides the entire range of legal services to its retained clients, including criminal law, even though the firm does not normally have criminal cases as part of its legal portfolio.

For criminal cases, the firm often times retains the services of another lawyer who has extensive experience in criminal law; and under the supervision and with direct management by Sherman & Sherman, services are provided to a retained client in the area of criminal law. If the person is not a retained client or does not otherwise have an attorney-client relationship with Sherman & Sherman, it is unlikely that the firm will accept an engagement in the field of criminal law.

The firm's practice areas were developed over the years commencing with Counselor H. Varney G. Sherman practice at Maxwell & Maxwell (1980-1989), complemented by Counselor G. Moses Paegar experience as a bank executive prior to diverting to law practice. For example, throughout his entire law practice (since 1980), Counselor Sherman has always had two or more banks, once including the National Bank of Liberia (now Central Bank of Liberia) as his clients on a multi-year retainer. In the case of Counselor Paegar, not only did he acquire practical knowledge of banking and finance, he was an instructor of the subject at the Horton School of Business and Public Administration, University of Liberia for many years. Obviously, Sherman & Sherman has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in the field of banking and finance law in Liberia.

Another area of law practice where Sherman & Sherman has extensive experience is corporation law. In fact, Counselor Sherman teaches corporation law at the L.A. Grimes School of Law, University of Liberia.  Also a significant number of the firm's clients are involved in the import and export of consumer and user goods and general merchandising. Commercial law is therefore a major area of practice for the firm.

Throughout its existence, the firm has also always represented at least one insurance company on a multi-year retainer, successfully prosecuted claims against insurers and successfully defended claims against its insurance clients. Insurance law is therefore an area of practice that the firm has extensive experience.

Investment in natural resources is the mainstay of Liberia economy; it is either the mineral extractive sector or the forestry and agricultural sector; more recently, it is the hydrocarbon industry. Sherman & Sherman has represented and continues to represent major investors in mineral and hydrocarbon extractive sectors, providing the full range of legal services, including negotiating and drafting agreements, obtaining concessions, lobbying with public authorities (including the National Legislature for ratification of concession agreements). Another area is the manufacturing sector, where again investment incentives from the Liberian Government are necessary components for undertaking the investment. Here again, Sherman & Sherman has had and continues to have several clients who are investors in the natural resources of Liberia and in the manufacturing sector of the economy. Very often these investments are governed by concessions and grants directly from the Liberian Government or any one or more of its pubic authorities (e.g. the National Investment Commission). And so investment law is a special practice area for Sherman & Sherman.

Another practice area for the firm is labor law. Nearly all of the firm clients, especially those involved in highly intensive labor-oriented enterprises (e.g., the rubber plantations), experience claims from workers ranging from unfair labor practice to wrongful dismissal. And of course, there is almost always some labor dispute, such as workers' collective action, or negotiation of collective bargaining agreements.

The firm has extensive experience in maritime law; its practice is not only limited to local maritime law and regulation but also extends to international maritime laws and regulation, especially in those cases where a vessel with a foreign flag has sunk in Liberian territorial waters or spilled wastes in Liberian territorial waters.

With the development of mobile telecommunication services in Liberia, Sherman & Sherman was involved with obtaining the franchise for two companies and is currently the retained legal counsel for three of the major mobile phone companies in Liberia.

For individuals, the firm's practice normally involves land disputes and estates administration. Especially, as to land disputes, as non-Liberians may not own land in Liberia, most properties in use by clients of Sherman & Sherman are under leases from Liberian landlord or sub-leases from foreign landlords. In either event, not only has Sherman & Sherman acquired expertise in structuring a proper agreement for investment in lands but also experience in investigating titles, liens and encumbrances to ensure that its clients gets unencumbered property for investment purposes.

Finally, the firm routinely provides consultancy services to non-resident domestic corporations (corporations organized under Liberian law but don't do any business in Liberia) or to foreign lawyers for these non-resident domestic corporation or to companies and international multi-lateral financial institutions which do business with these non-resident corporation. For matters involving these non-resident domestic corporations, the firm usually review transaction documents to determine compliance with Liberian law and enforceability of specific clauses (e.g. dispute resolution, governing law and jurisdiction issues). The firm also collaborates with other firms in undertaking studies; one of which is the collaboration with Norton Rose of England under the auspices of the International Finance Corporation on a study of the feasibility of introducing establishing a system or process for private supply of electric power for Liberia.

20th Anniversary of Sherman & Sherman 2009

Attorney-Client Relationship 20th Anniversary 2009

Attorney-Client Relationship 20th Anniversary 2011 and Paegar as Managing Director 10th Anniversary 2011

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