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Golda A. Bonah-Elliott

Golda A. BonahCounsellor Golda A. Bonah-Elliott (December 2003 - Present ) is qualified to practice law before administrative agencies, the circuit courts and the Supreme Court. She holds the BBA degree in Accounting from the University of Liberia (1998) and the LL.B. degree from the L.A. Grimes School of Law, University of Liberia (2003).

Shortly after obtaining her BBA degree, Counsellor Elliott was employed with the General Services Agency of the Liberian Government as Accounts Analyst (1999 - 2001) and then elevated to the position of Assistant Director for Real Estate Management (2001 - 2003).

After her graduation from the L.A. Grimes School of Law in December 2003, Counsellor Elliott joined Sherman & Sherman as Legal Research Officer; she held that position for few months until she was admitted to practice law as an Attorney-At-Law (limited to practice law before administrative agencies and the circuit courts). After admission as an Attorney-At-Law, Counsellor Elliott was elevated to the position of Staff Counsel at Sherman& Sherman; after she was admitted to the Supreme Court bar as a Counsellor-At-Law in 2007, she was elevated to the position of Assistant Counsel at Sherman & Sherman, a position she still holds at present.

In addition to her legal career, Counsellor Elliott is a peace and development advocate; she founded the Committee for Peace and Development Advocacy, a non-governmental organization, and once served as its Executive Director.

Counsellor Elliott's primary responsibilities at Sherman & Sherman are legal research and representation of clients before administrative agencies and the circuit courts in civil litigation and requests for licenses. She is also directly responsible for managing the portfolios of several clients in terms of providing legal services (opinions, contract drafting, etc.).

Over the years, Counsellor Elliott has developed expertise in transaction legal services to the satisfaction of Sherman & Sherman clients.

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